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  • Homology Analysis   ( 1 Article )

    Homology searching is one of the basic tools of IMC, GenomeTraveler and MetaGenomeGAMBLER which are provided in various sequence analysis solutions.

  • Cloning in silico   ( 21 Articles )

    IMC provides various simulations of cloning, such as fragmentation of DNA sequence using restriction enzyme, PCR amplification, ligation, 1D gel electrophoresis, or plasmid map drawing. These simulations are called cloning experiments in silico. These experiments in silico can be also performed for a circular DNA sequence. Namely, any experiment across the last nucleotide and the first nucleotide of a circular DNA can be performed.

  • Genome Annotation   ( 11 Articles )

    Manual and automatic annotation tools are provided.

  • Comparative Genomics   ( 9 Articles )

    Analysis tools for comparing multiple whole genomes or chromosomes are provided in IMC and GT. In IMC, these comparative genome tools are provided in IMC Genomics edition and Array edition.

  • Array Analysis   ( 2 Articles )

    Array analysis of IMC array edition is based on that of tiling arrays or genome-position-specific high-density arrays. In addition, IMCAE can handle ordinary gene-level array if there are the probe files or the probe position data files. GenomeTraveler can also perform tiling array analysis.

  • New Generation Sequencer Data Analysis   ( 5 Articles )

    Various NGS indluding Solexa, SOLiD and 454, data analysis tools are provided. These tools can handle numerous number of short reads generated from these next generation sequencers such as Illumina, Applied Biosystems and Roche. These tools are mainly implemented on GenomeTraveler. MetaGenomeGAMBLER also provides some of such tools.

  • Mapping   ( 6 Articles )

    These solutions provide mapping functions such as to map numerous short reads from the new generation sequencers, in the reference genome sequences.

  • Assembling and Scaffolding   ( 2 Articles )

    Assembling of DNA fragments is a function to combine numerous number of DNA fragments or short reads into larger size contigs. Scaffolding of contigs is a functions to combine many contigs into larger size scaffolds with using paired-end short reads.

  • Visualization Tools   ( 8 Articles )

    Various viewers are provided in the ISB software products, IMC, MGG and GenomeTraveler. These viewers can be used to visualize whole genomes.

  • Pathway Analysis   ( 3 Articles )

    In the advanced stage of annotation, pathways existing in the annotated genome, can be predicted and drawn as pathway diagrams. IMC, GT and MGG utilize KEGG Pathway API for prediction and drawing of the pathways.

  • Solutions to obtain, handle, edit, analyze and write DNA or amino acids sequences   ( 2 Articles )

    Various solutions about DNA sequences and amino acids sequences are described.

  • Search Functions   ( 16 Articles )

    Various search functions against sequences and annotations, are implemented such as, key word search, pattern search and homology search. Some of the search results provides consecutive execution of other functions.

  • Coping with Troubles and Errors   ( 7 Articles )

    Trouble shooting methods are explained.

  • インポートとエキスポート   ( 1 Article )


  • B フィーチャーマップの表示と操作   ( 4 Articles )


  • A ワークベンチ   ( 3 Articles )

    IMC WorkBenchの機能と操作方法について説明します。

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