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IMC Ver. 7.22 is released

  1. Multiple Trace Chart function has been improved.

IMC Ver. 7.20 is released

  1. A. A. Mapping displayed a "For input string" M "error message has been resolved.

IMC Ver. 7.21 is released.

  1. Result in Global Genome Rearrangement Map Fixed an issue that rendering was distorted when Windows width was 950 pixels or less.
  2. Fixed a problem of "For input string error" when processing "Insert as New Feature" many SNPs at the same time in Mutation Search.
  3. The following notation was corrected.
    • "Search Pathway for ARM" in Sub Menu Item has been changed to "Search Pathway by ARM".
    • "Search without homology area" has been changed to "Show non homologous region" on the display on the execution dialog of Global Genome Rearrangement Map.

IMC Ver. 7.19 is released

  1. Mutation Search, the following improvements were made.
    • When selecting the resulting mutation point The corresponding base in the sequence lane of the main feature map is highlighted.
    • Display the base of the mutation in the corresponding position of the reference genome map.
    • Added the ability to register the mutation selected from the mutation displayed in the mutation list as a new feature.
      • In this case, describe the mutant base in the Qualifier / note = of Current File

IMC Ver. 7.18 is released

  1. A new menu item "Genome Design" has been added. Genome design related functions will move.
  2. Multiple lane gel electrophoresis can now be displayed when restriction enzyme digestion is performed for multiple genomic sequences.
  3. The specification of the return button of the execution dialog of Homology Search and Primer Design has been changed.

IMC Ver. 7.17 is released

  1. Time Limited License As the sale starts, the number of days until the license expiration date is now displayed.
    • Permanent license does not display correctly.

IMC Ver. 7.16 is released


  1. Indications of some dialogs are changed.


IMC Ver. 7.15 is released

  1. An item has been added to the format of CSV output file of Mutation Analysis.
    • The gene name (gene) of the mutation site and locus_id have been added.

IMC Version 7.14 Released



  1. Mutation search function is implemented.
    • Select reference array in Genome Analysis menu → Compare → Mutation Search. .
    • Homology search (blastp) is executed on the reference sequence using the CDS of the current data as a query.
    • Bidirectionality is checked.
    • Alignment is performed with nucleic acid sequence of CDS of top hit.
    • Mutation points are searched.
    • The result is displayed.
    • Click the result to jump to the target position.
    • As a search range, you can choose to distinguish CDS and Intergenic region.



IMC Version 7.13 is released.

  1. Vertical lines of different thickness are added to the feature key shape.
    • The thickness is 1-5 pixels.
    • It is drawn at the center of the feature.
    • Exons, introns etc. If it is divided by Join, it will be drawn at the center of each join
  2. With the codon substitution function, in addition to all CDS batch processing, the function to process only the specified CDS has been added.
  3. A bug that caused an error when loading a FastA file or a GenBank file without CDS in the reference genome and executing homology search has been fixed.
  4. Fixed a bug in which primers were designed with primers that span the circular genome (N, 1), primers designed for amplification of sequences spanning N, 1 were designed.
    • The designed primer itself had no problem.
    • There was a bug in the position setting of the design result.
  5. Fixed a bug in which the feature is not displayed when the condition that is Plasmid Map is satisfied.

IMC Ver. 7.12リリース

There are no translations available.

  1. Bug #2188: N,1をまたぐフィーチャーの位置情報表示の際、Nより大きい値が表示されるバグが解決されました。
  2. Bug #2189: 指定範囲の右クリックで表示されるメニューが異なる場合がある問題が解決されました。
  3. Spec #2187: 指定範囲を増幅する最適プライマーをすでに登録されたプライマー中から検索する機能が追加されました。
  4. Spec #2190: CDSを特定の制限酵素で切断されないように配列置換する機能が追加されました。
    • 置換するコドンは指定されたコドン頻度表に基づき、使用頻度の高いものを選択する。
    • 置換されたコドンはQualifier /modified_base=に保存する。
  5. Spec #2186: LGRMにて、Multiple CSVファイル出力を自動的に保存するように変更されました。
    • 従来は、解析の最後にダイアログが表示され、保存するかどうかを尋ねられました。
    • 今回修正後は、実行前に保存するかどうかを尋ね、実行時にはその指定に基づき自動的に保存を行い、終了するように変更されました。

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