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ISB Staff Designing and Developing Software and Systems


In silico biology staff has experience in designing and developing the following software and systems.


  1. Microbial molecular classification identification database
  2. Development of DNA clone assembler
  3. DNA Sequencing Project Integrated Environment
  4. Development of DNA sequence assembler
  5. Development of DNA two-dimensional electrophoresis analysis system
  6. Protein function estimation software
  7. de novo Assembler design
  8. Development of integrated analysis environment for gene expression data
  9. Laboratory data management environment development
  10. Development of alignment display system for protein three-dimensional structure
  11. Design of clinical data anonymity system
  12. Microbial genome data release system
  13. Development of protein homology modeling data release system
  14. Integrated system development of microorganism genome analysis
  15. Development of EST clone assembler
  16. Development of integrated transcription factor analysis environment
  17. Commercialization of transmembrane protein prediction system
  18. Development of human full-length cDNA analysis environment
  19. Commercialization of cell simulation system
  20. Microbial integrated analysis environment
  21. Development of microbial genome database
  22. Development of gene data mining system
  23. Development of DNA sequencer data quality management system
  24. Development of microorganism whole genome de novo assembler
  25. Development of Integrated Environment for Searching Cancer Markers
  26. Development of CNV analysis software
  27. Development of fully automated annotation system


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