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Report on the serious receiving mail trouble

Some of receiving mails addressed to our company domain "", might had been lost somewhere in the route. This trouble's cause was finally found and the trouble had been restored in the evening of June 30, 2011.

We apology for not responding to the lost mails during the periods. All the lost mails are now recovered and we are now trying to response all the mails.

The trouble starting date: June 5, 2011. The exact time is not reported.

The trouble restored date: June 30, 2011, 19:00. After this time, all the receiving mails are normally routed to the correct mail boxed.

The case of the trouble:

The ISB mail server is operated by NTT Plala and VERIO, a US company, At the date of occurrence of the trouble, a maintenance operation of VERIO staffs had wrongly routed our receiving mails to a different server. By this operation, not all but one portion of the receiving mails addressed to our domain, had been gradually incorrectly routed. So, our company staff doubted some settings of mail re-direction and had been trying to find out the cause of the trouble.

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