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TRIAL VERSION: From downloading to launching

How to use a trial version, from downloading, installation to launching the software.

  1. Download one of software from the ISB download site.
    • IMC can be installed on Mac or on Windows.
    • GenomeTraveler can be installted on Mac, Windows or on Linux.
  2. After downloading the installer, uncompress it in a folder.
  3. Double click on the installer icon.
    • The installer of the software is launched.
  4. Select an install language among English and Japanese.
  5. Agree on EULA (End User License Agreement) after reading it.
    • If the EULA is not agreed, the installation is terminated.
  6. In case of Mac, password is required during installation.
  7. In case of Windows Vista/7, temporal lowering of UAC (User Account Control) level is required.
  8. Enter a size of Java Memory.
    • The default value is 1000MB.
    • The size must be lower than that of the installed physical memory size.
    • The "License Setting" dialog is displayed.
  9. Click "Request Fix License".
    • The "Request Form for License" is displayed.
  10. Click "Request Trial License".
  11. Enter your name, your organization name, country name, address and your interesting field.
  12. After filling the above fileds, click "Send Mail".
  13. Then a mail message is shown by your mail software.
  14. Close the License Request dialog.
  15. Close the installer.
    • A reply message from in silico biology, inc is received.
  16. Open the message
    • A URL is written on the message.
  17. Click the URL.
  18. Your trial license is automatically downloaded.
  19. Save the file in any folder.
  20. Double click the installed software icon.
    • "License Setting" dialog is displayed. Or unless you have not closed the dialog after the completion of the installation , the dialog may be still open.
  21. Specify the file and click "set" button.
    • The start window of the installed software is shown.
  22. Click the start window.
  23. The software is launched.

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