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IMC Ver. 7.22 is released

  1. Multiple Trace Chart function has been improved.

IMC Ver. 7.20 is released

  1. A. A. Mapping displayed a "For input string" M "error message has been resolved.

IMC Ver. 7.21 is released.

  1. Result in Global Genome Rearrangement Map Fixed an issue that rendering was distorted when Windows width was 950 pixels or less.
  2. Fixed a problem of "For input string error" when processing "Insert as New Feature" many SNPs at the same time in Mutation Search.
  3. The following notation was corrected.
    • "Search Pathway for ARM" in Sub Menu Item has been changed to "Search Pathway by ARM".
    • "Search without homology area" has been changed to "Show non homologous region" on the display on the execution dialog of Global Genome Rearrangement Map.

IMC Ver. 7.19 is released

  1. Mutation Search, the following improvements were made.
    • When selecting the resulting mutation point The corresponding base in the sequence lane of the main feature map is highlighted.
    • Display the base of the mutation in the corresponding position of the reference genome map.
    • Added the ability to register the mutation selected from the mutation displayed in the mutation list as a new feature.
      • In this case, describe the mutant base in the Qualifier / note = of Current File

IMC Ver. 7.18 is released

  1. A new menu item "Genome Design" has been added. Genome design related functions will move.
  2. Multiple lane gel electrophoresis can now be displayed when restriction enzyme digestion is performed for multiple genomic sequences.
  3. The specification of the return button of the execution dialog of Homology Search and Primer Design has been changed.

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