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Comparative Genomics

Analysis tools for comparing multiple whole genomes or chromosomes are provided in IMC and GT. In IMC, these comparative genome tools are provided in IMC Genomics edition and Array edition.

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1 O01B 環状ゲノムマップのフィーチャーレイアウトスタイルを切り換える Administrator 1593
2 O09: 16SrRNAによるメタゲノム解析 Administrator 2152
3 Drawing a local genome rearrangement map IMC Developer 3157
4 Detection of non-homologous regions between two genomes IMC開発者 2498
5 Drawing of a DotPlot between two closely related genomes IMC開発者 3340
6 Multiple Genomes are Aligned in a Reference Genome Map IMC開発者 2238
7 Drawing of a global genome rearrangement map IMC開発者 2730
8 Drawing of a Venn Diagram IMC開発者 4084
9 Drawing a Circular Genome Map IMC開発者 7524

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