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Cloning in silico

IMC provides various simulations of cloning, such as fragmentation of DNA sequence using restriction enzyme, PCR amplification, ligation, 1D gel electrophoresis, or plasmid map drawing. These simulations are called cloning experiments in silico. These experiments in silico can be also performed for a circular DNA sequence. Namely, any experiment across the last nucleotide and the first nucleotide of a circular DNA can be performed.

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1 I02 PR D 大量一括PCR Primer設計 Administrator 352
2 I01 制限酵素に関する機能 Administrator 2212
3 Plasmid Map 01: How to draw a plasmid map with some features in different colors. Administrator 2269
4 I01 RE02: 制限酵素認識部位をフィーチャーレーン上に他のフィーチャーと混在させて描画する Administrator 2547
5 I01 RE03: 新規ウィンドウ上に制限酵素地図を描画する方法 Administrator 2716
6 PCR against many template DNA sequences using multiple sets of PCR Primer. Administrator 2311
7 Drawing Restriction Enzyme Map using FLS Administrator 2409
8 Batch PCR Primer Design for Products are covering whole genome sequence with a specified product size and with a specified overlap length Administrator 2443
9 I01 RE04: 制限酵素の管理に使う Administrator 2730
10 I01 RE01: ベクターへのインサートチェック用に最適な制限酵素を表示 Administrator 4293
11 I01 制限酵素断片の末端修飾 Administrator 2423
12 I01 RE C 制限酵素による消化切断 Administrator 2808
13 Drawing of a plasmid Map in a simple operation Administrator 3798
14 ライゲーション反応概要 Administrator 2116
15 I06 ゲル電気泳動 Administrator 2063
16 End Modification of PCR products or RE Fragments Administrator 2242
17 PCR Reaction Administrator 2074
18 Management of Primer Information Administrator 2412
19 Primerへの変異導入 Administrator 2002
20 PCR Primer Design Administrator 3274
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